Monday, August 30, 2010

Bocci is the Best

I am a huge dog lover and was so excited when Bocci and the parental unit (aka Joan) won my greeting card giveaway. Imagine my surprise when I saw the truly touching write up on their blog posted last night. Here is an excerpt:

"We were fortunate to have found Fiona's blog through the very first bloghop that we joined, and Parental Unit was immediately impressed with the simplicity and originality of Fiona's Designs. So of course, we  entered the contest she had posted at the time, and the prize was 10 of her cards for various occassions...and we won! Talk about a lucky dog!"

Please take a moment to check out Bocci's blog. I am a huge fan and I know you will be too. Bocci is just too darn cute!!!!


  1. The comments on Bocci's blog are terrific.

    Your designs are wonderful! I wanted to win too.

    Linda B

  2. Hi I'm your new follower you from weds blog hop. You can find me at
    Mr. Monkey