Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here's hoping you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend and had a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. We had to cut our holiday visit short to get home before the blizzard. It's already snowing here. It will be interesting to see how much snow we actually get. Will we really get up to 20 inches? I hope you enjoy my photos below. I didn't really get a motion blur shot but suddenly realized - maybe the fireplace shot could count?

Family china

Lots of pretty packages under the tree

The warm glow of the fire and candles on the mantel

Sparkle-y ornaments on the tree


  1. I love the warm glow of the fireplace. I think it's slowed down here in terms of snow. One of my grandmothers thought I was crazy when I said that if it started snowing that I was outta there. She coudln't understand why I wouldn't want to be snowed in with my family. LOL

  2. LOVE that nutcracker ornament. Awesome sparkle!

  3. Very cool china! Love the glow, I feel warm just looking at them :)

  4. I love the nutcracker ornament:) Need to get one for our tree!

  5. What a lovely tree! I hope you don't get stuck in that blizzard (yuck!). If you do, at least you'll be all cozy an warm inside :)

  6. Love your glow with the hurricane lamp! Really nice shots!