Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Tricycle

I love thinking about my first tricycle. It was such an amazing feeling to peddle as fast as I could experiencing new found freedom. I had a blast creating this charming set of stationery and coordinating invitations for your little one.

My First Tricycle Stationery by Fiona Designs

My First Tricycle Invitations by Fiona Designs

Additionally, I was so happy to find the invitations were featured on the front page of Etsy today in this delightful collection:


  1. I love your new trike stationary. Was it one of your trikes that got handed down to Emily? I know she often got hand-me-downs from you and Clare (and me.)

  2. That is heaps cute :)
    congrats aswell

    Murphy xo

  3. I never had a tricycle, but a fold-up bicycle with fairy wheels. Do you remember those?

  4. Love this idea! Parental Unit has a framed picture of her washing her first tricycle that she adores:-)